Grievance Redressal

Grievance Redressal Committee

  • Dr. Kshitija Bansal (PT),  Chairperson, Assistant Professor, AJIPT
  • Dr. Savita Kataria (PT), Member, HOD Physiotherapy, Dept. 
  • Dr. Manjusha Dobhal(PT), Member, Assistant Professor, AJIPT
  • Dr. Nidhi Singh (PT), Member, Assistant Professor, AJIPT
  • Ms. Sparsh Jain, Representative, Student, AJIPT

Grievance Redressal

As per UGC Grievance Redressal Regulations, 2012 published in the Gazette of India on 20.03.2013, the institute has its Grievance Redressal Committee.

According to the definitions given in the regulations 

“Aggrieved student” means a student who has any complaint in the matters concerned with the grievances defined under these regulations, and includes a person seeking admission to any institution of higher education.

“Declared admission policy” means such policy for admission to a course or program of study as may be offered by the institution and prospectus referred to in sub-regulation (1) of regulation 3; 

“Grievances” include the following complaints of the aggrieved students, namely:-  

(i) making admission contrary to merit determined in accordance with the declared admission policy of the institute;

(ii) irregularity in the admission process adopted by the institute.

(iii) refusing admission in accordance with the declared admission policy of the institute.

(iv) non publication of prospectus, as specified;

(v) publishing any information in the prospectus, which is false or misleading, and not based on facts;

(vi) withhold or refuse to return any document in the form of certificates of degree, diploma or any other award or other document deposited with it  by a person for the purpose of seeking admission in such institution, with a view to induce or compel such person to pay any fees in respect of any course or program of study which person does not intend to pursue;

(vii) demand in any money in excess of that specified in the declared admission policy approved by the competent authority to be charged by such institution;

(viii) breach of the policy for reservation in admission as may be applicable;

(ix) complaints, of alleged discrimination of students, from the Scheduled Castes, the Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Classes, Women, Minority or Disabled categories;

(x) non payment or delay in payments of scholarships to any student that such institution is committed, under the conditions imposed by University Grants Commission, or by any other authority;

(xi) delay in conduct of examinations or declarations of results beyond that specified in the academic calendar; 

(xii) on provision of student amenities as may have been promised or required to be provided by the institution; 

(xiii) denial of quality education as promised at the time of admission or required to be provided; 

(xiv) non transparent or unfair evaluation practices; 

(xv) harassment and victimization of students, including sexual harassment.

Procedure to be followed: 

• Aggrived student/person can make an application seeking redressal of Grievance to Redressal Committee.

Admin office (Registry)
3rd Floor
Amar Jyoti Institute of Physiotherapy,
Karkardooma, Delhi 110 092

• The address of registry and details of Committee has been displayed on Notice Boards,Website & Prospectus.

• An aggrieved person may appear either in person or represented by such person as may be authorized to present his/her case in front of Grievance Redressal Committee on the scheduled date of hearing.

• In case of any false or frivolous complaint the Committee will take appropriate action against the complaints. 

For further detail please refer link
S.No.14 UGC(Grievance Redressal )Regulations 2012

Grievance Redressal Act

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